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109 Medical Fitness Tour

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  • 07/08/2020 8:00am - 6:00pm

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Learn why the greatest time for fitness professionals is right now. We are entering a new era of medical fitness in terms of understanding how exercise can help individuals with chronic illness, pain, stress and depression, as well as improve physical and mental functionality. Baby boomers are becoming our target population and they are seeking fitness professionals who understand where they are in life and their complex health issues when their doctor tells them to start an exercise program. Nobody is better positioned to capitalize on this opportunity than a fitness professional with specialized knowledge and services. Join us so you can lead from the front, rather than wait for the industry to change. You have the potential to transform lives and be part of the healthcare solution. Topics covered during the day, include: • Healthcare Through Fitness: You Are the Solution Evan Osar, DC • Stroke Recovery and Exercise Tracey Markley • MSers Move Toward Better Quality of Life CarolAnn, MS • Genetic Testing: Set Yourself Apart From the Competition Michelle Maddux, ND • Hormone Balance Exercise Programming Debra Atkinson, MS • Joint Replacement: Offering Prehab and Post-Rehab Services—What the Fitness Professional Needs to Know Stephen Black, DSc, MEd, PT • How to Combine Fitness and Medicine to Redefine Health Care: The Five Pillars of Integrative Practice Success JR Burgess • Turn Your Learning Experience Into a Take-Home Action Plan Medical Fitness Tour Faculty

Session 109

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