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106 NASM: Practical Applications for Corrective Exercise

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  • 07/08/2020 10:00am - 5:00pm

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Corrective exercise (CEx) is a valuable tool for personal trainers to have in their repertoire to help clients improve movement patterns, increase performance and decrease noncontact injuries. However, CEx can often feel too clinical, as if it doesn’t belong in a fitness, weight-loss or strength-training program, which may lead trainers to not maximize the integration of corrective modalities. This course will show you how to appropriately and seamlessly integrate different CEx series into your training programs so that your clients register them as exercises and they understand how these movements can help them reach their goals. In this preconference workshop you will learn how to: • Perform assessments, including overhead squat, single-leg squat, core stability, range of motion, push-up, and various shoulder girdle assessments • Identify flexibility, stability and strength compensations • Employ practical corrective strategies for flexibility and strength imbalances using the NASM CEx model • Create a cluster of exercises that can be practically integrated as corrective preparation for a workout

Session 106

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