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101: PRE-EVENT: Jumping Into Plyometrics

  • Presented by: Andy Hanley

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aasfp 0.10 ace 0.40 acsm 4.00 action 0.40 afaa 4.00 afpa 4.00 bcrpa 4.00 chek 4.00 fai 4.00 ifpa 4.00 issa 4.00 nafc 0.40 nasm 0.40 nbhwc 4.00 nccpt 4.00 ncep 4.00 ncsf 2.00 nesta 0.40 neta 4.00 nfpt 0.80 niew 0.40 nspa 4.00 ptag 4.00

Successful movement and performance outcomes are often determined by the ability to optimally leverage the ground, allowing for the efficient storage and release of power with great effectiveness. Jump training is a powerful—yet underutilized and often misunderstood—tool for helping clients improve movement efficiency, coordination and tissue tolerance.

In this eye-opening workshop, you’ll learn the many benefits of jump training, understand why it should be included in client training programs, and experience the power of plyometrics-based exercises through discovery and play. You’ll get a firm understanding of why not all plyometrics exercises are created equal and how to safely implement them into client training programs for maximum benefit and reduced risk. Finally, we’ll explore the progressions that should guide and underpin your programming. Not only will plyometric training fast-track success; you’ll enhance engagement and enjoyment, which means more connected, loyal and happy clients.

Up to 4 CECs 

Participants will receive an IDEA CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION.

Session 101

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