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323 Train Clients Happy for Better Retention and Results

When it comes to health and fitness services, it’s not only what you offer, it’s how you offer it. Discover the secret sauce to offering training programs that improve participation and results by leading with a positive and uplifting approach. Review the latest research findings in the science of happiness and learn practical tips on…

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322 Corrective Exercise and Injury Prevention for Group Training

Group exercise and HIIT programs are on the rise and here to stay. Unfortunately, so are orthopedic injuries of the shoulders, back and hips directly related to exercises and strategies being taught in these classes. In this dynamic and interactive workshop, you will discover how many common exercises and cues directly cause and perpetuate shoulder,…

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320 Power Training for the Everyday Client

We know the performance benefits of power training for athletes, but it can seem daunting to apply it to our personal training clients. Evidence shows that everyday clients can benefit greatly from incorporating power training into their programs. The challenge is in selecting and progressing the right exercises that match the client’s needs and abilities.…

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326 Triple the Fun: Three Rides in One

Join Team BeatBoss™ and learn how three biking styles—road, mountain and BMX—inspire one all-encompassing beat- and data-driven ride. This revolutionary approach is a game-changer in the indoor cycling arena for personal trainers and teams of indoor cycling instructors.

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325 Choreography, Cuing and Music: The Perfect Mix

Finding the perfect mix of moves, music and cuing is the secret sauce in creating an unforgettable dance fitness experience. This workshop is all about finding balance in your dance classes; that sweet spot that keeps people coming back for more. From the perfect playlist that everyone can rock out to, to finding the perfect…

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324 The Virtual Fitness Brand Roadmap

The world has gone virtual and digital and not being online is no longer an option. Today, knowing which business models, products and services to create to get you the online business you want is essential to loving your business and life. In this session, you will get a deeper understanding of the digital and…

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