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317 STOTT PILATES®: Total-Body Sculpting

Explore exercises to increase core and peripheral strength, while adding multidimensional joint movements, variety and challenge to the basic Flex-Band® exerciser routine developed by the Merrithew™ team. Discover how this resistance band can transform simple Matwork™ exercises while maintaining focus on precision and control.

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311 A Systems Approach to Enhancing Mobility and Performance

The link between mobility and performance is clear; however, guiding our clients down this path can be cloudy because life and injuries conspire against our ability to move freely. This session blends time-honored, tested training methods with new research and science to help you deliver a systematic approach to assessing and improving your client’s or…

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315 Fluid Strength

Train for movement and muscle will follow. Building muscle without movement patterning creates tight, short, inflexible stumps. Mindy will gracefully link movement to movement and generate an integrated approach to strength training. Learn to develop muscle that matters for increased strength, flexibility and function.

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316 The Commander of Energy: Be the Leader and the People Will Follow

While virtual coaching provides unique challenges, both live and virtual coaching require the coach to be attune to the right details in the moment to maximize their ability to deliver results for individuals and classes, no matter the format. Are you as dialed in as you can be? Take away leadership skills and understand how…

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312 How to Use Team Training to Improve Culture, Motivation and Results

Create an overall winning culture in your fitness facility that will propel your clients, and consequently you, to reach the heights of success. Using his powerful MINDSET acronym, Corey will teach fitness professionals how to create a winning culture to build and maintain a consistent client base. Learn how to create maximum impact through a…

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310 Glute Training: From Beginner to Advanced

All hail the king of athletic performance! The glutes are finally getting their well-deserved place in the gym, despite our quad-driven fitness world. From glute activation, isolation and enhancement to correction, strength, power and hypertrophy, you will learn the best exercises for all clients and goals.

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