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247 Cardio Yoga

Join Stacey for a sweat-drenched, mind-altering exercise experience that will shift your fitness endorphin high into the next dimension! This is not simply yoga sped up; it’s smart fitness blended with powerful yogic philosophy. Based on scientific “Power Posturing” and rhythmic drills, it’s the perfect practice for fitness fans who “can’t slow down” for yoga…

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245 Enhancing the Virtual Group Fitness Experience

Working with partners across the country means the Exer team has seen all kinds of virtual fitness offerings, at every budget level. The future is hybrid—in-person and remote—so it’s important that business owners craft a virtual offering that sets them apart from the competition. Join the Exer co-founder and his team as they discuss trends…

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248 Creating Spaces for ALL Bodies

The fitness landscape is made up of individuals of all shapes and abilities, yet traditional marketing would have you believe that gyms and exercise are for a very specific type of person. In this panel, fitness and wellness experts discuss body image, how you might be inadvertently turning people off to your services, and what…

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244 Customer Service in the Digital Age: Five Winning Strategies

We are living in a world connected by digital devices, where communication, services and learning opportunities are available to everyone 24/7. This has changed the way that we sell goods and services, interact with potential and active customers, and how we address inquiries, complaints and engagement. This digital age has created new challenges for businesses,…

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240 Can You Hear Me Now? How to Communicate so Clients Will Listen

Communication seems so simple until our communication with someone goes south. Communication is the largest single factor that determines our relationships with others. Whether we are soft spoken, say it like it is, purge every thought or pretend not to have thoughts, the ability to communicate effectively in our personal and professional lives is essential!…

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241 Developing Perfect Bone Building Exercises

This session will help you to create a bone-building exercise program for your clients with osteopenia or osteoporosis using the components of strain magnitude, strain rate, strain distribution and strain cycles. You will learn to analyze exercises for bone-building qualities as well as identify exercises that are contraindicated for these clients.

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