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217 The Role of Fascia Beyond Myofascial Dysfunction and Trigger Points

Fascia is a dynamic system that plays a significant role in joint pain and instability, inflammation, the lymphatic system and neurological regulation. MELT Method creator Sue Hitzmann will help you understand the neurofascial connection, how fascial dysfunction impacts health and longevity, and the inflammation loop that perpetuates chronic pain. She’ll also discuss how to sense…

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211 Essential Seven: Bulletproof Your Lower Back—Lower-Back Pain (re)Solved

Did you know that lower-back pain is the most common cause of disability in America? Over 80% of Americans suffer from lower-back pain during their lifetime. One of the best treatment options is exercise; however, you need to make sure you are doing the correct exercise for each specific condition. Investigate the different spinal conditions…

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210 Movement Flow and Why We Need It

As chronic injury rates continue to rise in fitness, when will we stop and address the foundational pillars of stability and mobility? When will we stop loading the dysfunctional body and return to the basics of unloaded movement patterns? This movement playground session aims to reintroduce you to fun, yet challenging exercises, transitions and progressions…

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216 Loaded Mobility Training: Combining Mobility, Stability and Strength in Program Design

Many protocols promote the concept that stability must precede mobility, which precedes strength. In this very interactive session, learn why mobility, stability and strength may be best achieved when trained together. Discover why biology loves to achieve these three outcomes together and why biomechanics are better served when mobility, stability and strength are combined.

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212 HIIT Programming Evolved

Learn the science behind EMOMs, AMRAPs and take that knowledge into a practical setting. See how exercises can be repurposed and manipulated for different outcomes depending on how you apply the principles of each HIIT protocol. This session is not about teaching new exercises; it’s about learning how to program skillfully and with purpose to…

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214 Guerilla Marketing for Your Personal Training Business

Do you always feel like you’re frantically trying to create a marketing initiative that is easy to implement, effective, worth the effort and doesn’t cost a fortune? If you’re like most fitness business owners, you’re continuously behind the 8-ball, rushing to finalize all the details of the next strategy that will entice prospects to try…

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