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157 Barre Triple Threat

What do you get when you bring a Pilates guru, a musicality czar and a programming genius together? A Triple-Threat Barre workout like no other! Come see why great program design is often most successful when you blend the skillsets and expertise of many. You will leave this workshop with a simple system for creating…

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155 MASHUP®: Deliver Three Workouts in One With VIIT

Do you really need to spend time focusing on only one format during your group fitness classes? In this session, you will learn how to get more bang for your buck by seamlessly integrating mind-body, agility, strength and high-intensity interval training into one highly effective class. Discover how to design research-based, variable-intensity interval training workouts…

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151 HIIT Beyond Your Max

The emerging research examining high-intensity interval training indicates numerous benefits for cardiovascular health, fat loss, insulin resistance, and cardioprotection. There are also some controversies on mitochondrial adaptation and a weakened immune system from HIIT. Dr. Kravitz will break down all of this research and provide the best evidence-based solutions for fitness professionals. Plus, all attendees…

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154 How to Build an Online Personal Training Studio

Managing a successful online personal training business can be challenging, especially if you work with trainers who are both employed and self-employed. This seminar will break down the key components required to structure and scale an online personal training studio. You will learn staff management best practices, top marketing and branding strategies and the best…

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