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230 Get Social Savvy to Communicate Better

Social Media can be a great way to meet new clients, grow your brand, increase your business and help more people. It is critical to engage with your community and keep them connected to your business in changing times. Social media can also be a drain on your time—but there are proven ways to get…

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234 How to Expand and Grow Your Personal Training Client Base

As the world continues to embrace virtual training, it’s important to understand the new rules of client acquisition and retention. Phil Carr, CEO of My PT Hub, will unveil industry secrets that will help expand your customer reach, enhance your customer retention rates and ultimately, grow your business online. He’ll not only show you how…

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231 The Nutrition and Mental Health Connection

If you understand that food contains information for the body, the emerging evidence that nutrition has a role in mental health won’t surprise you. While it is well-established that food influences the structure and function of the brain, the connection to mood, stress, and anxiety is a newer area of interest. This session will provide…

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232 Assessment, Corrective Exercise and Functional Training in the Virtual and Physical Training Facility

As the fitness landscape has changed, we have been pushed into a hybrid virtual and in-person training model. Some clients feel comfortable entering brick-and-mortar spaces while others do not. In this session, you will learn how to teach your clients to self-assess—whether online or in-person—and choose the most effective corrective exercises based upon the results…

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