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220 Retain Clients Forever

Do you wish your members would fall in love with your brand and stay loyal to it forever? Don’t leave it to chance. Learn to get strategic about every step of client’s journey, whether they are training with you from home or in person. From their orientation to goal setting to integrating them into the…

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221 Using Technology to Improve Client Health and Fitness

We all know a client’s results are determined in the time between meetings. The worst feeling is meeting with a client and hearing how unsuccessful they were over the last couple weeks. Or, spending the first 10 minutes of a session trying to have the client recall how things went. Technology has now enabled us…

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222 After the Injury: Functional Training Periodization

Anyone who has worked out consistently chomps at the bit to get back in the game quickly after an injury. Come learn how to do just that for all rehabbed fitness levels (after medical clearance) by creating periodized workouts and using some staple and common accessories. We will review a few common-case scenarios and you…

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223 Progressive Programming for Active Aging

This session brings you the most progressive and innovative methods in group fitness to prevent injuries and improve performance and strength for your active aging clientele. You will leave with the imperative, practical insights that help you when you are designing programs for active agers with limitations and or injuries, and how to navigate classes…

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