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120 Diversity Strengthens Leadership

If you want to create a fitness community where people feel like they belong and are comfortable working out, but they don’t see anyone in your gym that looks like them, they will either walk away or won’t stay for very long. CEO of the wildly popular health club chain In-Shape shares top strategies for…

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122 The Physiology of Fat Loss: New Exciting Findings

Join Len in one of the most comprehensive lectures ever to explain the detailed physiological and metabolic aspects of fat metabolism, caloric expenditure and fat loss. Participants will learn, from a cellular perspective, the newest research on the hormonal regulation of lipolysis during exercise, the effect of exercise on lipolysis, the effect of exercise on…

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123 Building a Wildly Successful Online Group Training Studio

Want to create a simple virtual group fitness studio? In this cutting-edge session, learn to combine your skills and talents and with tools from Team Beachbody to create a fun, thriving online community. The state of the industry has changed and savvy instructors will pivot with it. Some studios remain closed, others are open but…

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121 Whole-Food, Plant-Based Fuel for Fitness

Navigating all the trendy diets touted in the media is confusing for your clients. They come to you for sound advice, so you feel responsible for staying up to date. Whether you work with elite athletes, weekend warriors or anyone in between, Kelly will address the challenges you face when clients come looking for sports…

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