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🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates. 🎁Join Now!

🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates.  🎁Join Now!

820 Five Keys to Fitness Leadership Mastery

The Fitness Industry is a competitive, demanding, ego-centric and ever-evolving industry that requires us to be at our best every day. After two decades in this amazing industry, I wholeheartedly believe that we need to do less better in order to help our clients/participants achieve their goals and ensure we have the physical, mental and…

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822 Yoga for Athletes

It’s not yoga for athletes, it’s not athletic yoga, it’s a hybrid movement system combining the biomechanics of sport with the science of relaxation and breathing. It’s designed for the body and mind of an athlete and the culture of sport. In this session, you’ll learn modified yoga postures that are cohesive with how athletes…

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824 Move Laugh Connect—MLC MOVE (ACE Mover Academy)

MLC MOVE is a balanced program for total well-being that addresses one’s physical, emotional and social dimensions in a group setting. This is a group class designed to extend the functional years of our clients and students in a safe, relaxing and fun environment. Come move, laugh and connect with us!

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825 Programming Solutions for Improved Spinal Function

When you can’t correct, provide mobility and stabilize! Spinal deviations are common in several forms, from kyphosis and lordosis to scoliosis. While fully correcting these dysfunctions is not always feasible, fitness professionals can still encourage strength throughout the spine and improve functional mobility. Learn how to better assess spine movement and design dynamic strength and…

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826 Metabolic Mayhem

This workshop will review the energy systems and where HIIT fits into how we train these systems. Then we’ll explore 10 different HIIT protocols, utilizing kickboxing drills and body-weight strength/power exercises that will empower your students to kick some serious butt. Bring a workout formula back to your students guaranteed to build strength and stamina,…

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827 The Business of Boot Camp

Are you currently running a boot camp and looking to boost your numbers? Or are you wanting to run your first boot camp, but are not sure where to start? This session will teach you step by step how to run and grow a profitable boot camp. Learn why boot camps are a viable option…

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828 The Science Behind a Sleep Fitness Journal

A sleep journal (and better sleep) is a missing piece of the health and fitness puzzle. That’s probably because sleep isn’t as simple as laying your head down on a pillow at night and hoping for the best. Explore how to guide your clients to a higher quality of sleep and what that actually means…

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