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🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates. 🎁Join Now!

🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates.  🎁Join Now!

808 The Anatomy of Breathing Muscles

Twelve muscles help you inhale and six help you exhale. Deepen your breathing practice and connection to anatomy during this exploration of muscular attachment and function. You’ll enhance body awareness with a hands-on journey around the rib cage and its surrounding structures. We’ll also integrate science and mindful movement by viewing anatomy images of the…

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800 Move Away From Knee Pain (ACE Mover Academy)

The knee is a victim of every movement a person takes. It’s often blamed for movement limitations yet in actuality, it’s dependent upon the actions of the foot, ankle and hips. Explore the biomechanics of the knee and learn how to modulate the basic lunge movement pattern to allow the knee to move in all…

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801 Optimized Movements: Hinge, Lunge, Push

Simply stated, exercise technique matters. However, hinge, lunge and push movements are rarely instructed and progressed well. In this session, you will develop systematic methods to observe when a movement is compromised and how to assess and reassess the state of the nervous system to improve technique. You’ll also learn to muscle test and progress…

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802 Competition Combat

Does the competition scare you? Would you like to learn how to stand out and dominate in your market so that you no longer have to fear your competitors? In this session, you will learn strategies to bulletproof your business. You will walk away with actionable steps to rise above your competitors and capture more…

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803 Minimizing Weight Bias for Improved Client Outcomes: A Call to Action (Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit)

Recent research shows that the health and fitness industry is plagued with weight bias and weight stigma, which is counterproductive and even harmful to client health. A paradigm shift is required in the health and fitness industry to impact more clients positively. In this session, learn to use inclusive and sensitive language and coaching techniques…

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804 Mat to the Max

Max out your Pilates mat class with 10 authentic advanced exercises from the original repertoire. Revisit Pilates principles and optimal alignment to understand what it means to be advanced. Dissect each exercise and discover how to modify and progress movements for your intermediate-to-expert students. Take your Pilates practice up a notch by safely and successfully…

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805 Schwinn® Cycling: Ride and Row

Like peanut butter and jelly, this combination of riding and rowing will soon be your favorite! Experience a dynamic cardiovascular workout that is deliciously balanced from front to back, creating length and strength for a body that moves well and feels good. So yummy!

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806 Weight Loss Versus Fat Loss

Do you fully understand the difference between weight loss and fat loss programming? Do you know which your clients need and how to assess and program for both short- and long-term benefits? In this session, learn how to develop fat loss and weight loss programs, as well as the benefits—and possible negatives—of each.

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807 ABC: ABSolutely BOTTOMless Core

Abs, back and butts? They are only part of the picture, albeit important. This workshop will focus on the ABCs of core training with an emphasis on functional abdominals and the glutes, and how they work with the back to increase force and function. You will walk away with loads of exercises that will allow…

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