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614 HIIT Chaos

HIIT Chaos is a muscle-stimulating, mind-blowing HIIT workout experience delivering random HIIT, peripheral heart action, and powerful, mindful movement utilizing real-time feedback where all body systems are challenged to work in collaboration. Transform your client’s body and mind in a brand-new way because when they train in chaos, you prepare them for anything.

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615 LFX Studio HIIT

Pyromania! Light up your metabolism with this athletic HIIT workout using innovative tools and movements that come from athletic performance training. Feel and train like an athlete. The LFX Studio HIIT experience is like no other!

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605 The Pelvic Floor: Glute Connection (ACE Mover Academy)

The glutes are an integral component of a healthy pelvic floor. Learn ways to incorporate specific equipment to create incredible hip, glute and pelvic floor activation. Explore the science and exercise behind programming that is perfect for your pre- and postnatal clients or anyone else desiring pelvic floor restoration and strength.

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