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461 LUNCH SEMINAR: Is Your Client Lying to You? Genetics-Based Program Design in Personal Training and Nutrition Coaching (Nutrition & Behavior Change Summit)

Humans only differ by 0.5% of their genes. But that difference decides whether you’re 6’6’’ or 5’6”, or if you’ll be a sprinter or a marathoner. With this physical precursor, clients often blame genetics for their lack of progress. This unknown makes it difficult for trainers or nutritionists to know if it’s compliance or something…

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464 The ABCs of CBD

CBD is everywhere. You’ve seen it online, in grocery stores and maybe even in your gym. What is it, how is it used, and where does it come from? This presentation will provide answers to all those questions and more to help you better understand the ins and outs of this latest craze. You will…

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