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250: Balanced Body® Moving Fascia

Fascia science has been evolving rapidly over the last several years. Review the latest insights into how fascia influences movement and learn exercises and strategies for bringing fascia to life for your clients. In this workshop, we will focus on understanding the structure and function of fascia as it relates to gliding, elastic recoil and…

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252: Rebuild and Revitalize Your Business’s Infrastructure

Independent trainers, studio owners and gym managers have been forced to reimagine and rebuild their businesses and/or create a hybrid model. It’s stressful to rebuild, but this provides an opportunity to do things differently. This lecture will showcase the four main systems all wellness pros need to establish: profit systems, client systems, team systems and…

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251: Maximize Your Maximus: Advanced Glutes Training

Do your clients constantly nag you about building a stronger rear? Do they complain about back pain? This session will dive deep on the structure and function of the glutes so that you have a full understanding of the kinematic motions that occur around the hips. You’ll learn glute anatomy, biomechanics, assessment, corrective exercise and…

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