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🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates. 🎁Join Now!

🎁   Black Friday Prices All November Long! Members get 50% OFF IDEA courses & certificates.  🎁Join Now!

162 Grow Your Online Revenue Stream

The customer experience is the cornerstone of a successful business and never has that been more important than now. Like it or not, the digital era is here and it’s critical that you engage with your clients on more than just a dialogue basis to be successful. Whether you have a face-to-face or online business,…

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161 How to Program and Produce Exceptional Virtual Training Experiences

Navigating through a new pandemic world with fitness clients presents some of the most unique challenges experienced to date. One of those challenges was to quickly transition online and deliver training sessions from a distance. Now that the dust has settled, we’ve learned that high-quality virtual training requires more than a Zoom account. In this…

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160 Resistance Training Updates and Myth Busting

Resistance training is a key component of most clients’ programs. Get up to speed on the recent research pertaining to the fundamentals of resistance training programming such as volume, intensity and rest intervals. This session will also explore controversial topics like rotating exercises, training to failure, functional exercise, the interference effect and more. You’ll walk…

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