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120 Achieving Your Personal Best—Resilience, Longevity and Thriving in the Fitness Industry

We have an incredible capacity to change lives through the power of fitness, but that’s impossible to do if we’re burnt out and bankrupt. Establishing systems to become more resilient and overcome personal and professional challenges will enhance your ability to reach your true potential in your personal and professional lives. In this powerful presentation,…

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270 How to Survive and Thrive in the Evolving Fitness Industry

What does it take to build a strong career foundation and endure long term as a fitness professional? One word: Reputation. Doris will share with you tips and tools to develop, evolve and sustain a solid brand image and build R.E.S.P.E.C.T. in today’s competitive fitness landscape. This inspiring and powerful session will give you everything…

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370 10 Steps to Customer Retention

The financial return on your efforts, the value of your business, and your reputation are all dependent on how long and how happy you can keep the customers, members and clients you attract. Plus, your competition used to be limited to your location, but with the advent of online offerings, standing out for the right…

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