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170 Becoming a Behavioral Health Spotter

COVID19 has shaken up the lives of all of us. While this pandemic shake has shifted many people’s lives in better directions, for so many of your clients it has sent them into an emotional tailspin of anxiety, stress, loneliness, fear, worry and depression. In this session, you will develop up-to-date, evidence-backed psychological skills on…

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280 Keynote

If there is ever a time to ‘get your mind right,’ it is amid one of the most challenging and toughest times in history. In what may be his most important keynote to date, Todd will provide five specific ways to help you reawaken your dream, lead better, enhance your own energy and ultimately give…

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140 Creating Inclusivity in the Fitness Space

Fitness and wellness go far beyond exercise and nutrition. Mental, emotional, and spiritual health are equally important and have a direct impact on physical health. And we can’t adequately take a holistic approach to wellness without addressing racism, how it affects well being and prevents some people from feeling safe in their bodies. In this…

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