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Rise Above Fake Influencers

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Join your colleagues at IDEA® World Convention in Las Vegas.

You worked hard to get (and stay) certified.

You have years of experience guiding people to sustainable health and wellness, and you do it safely. You’re qualified, reputable—a well-known and respected fitness professional.

Yet, one day you note that a former athlete with no formal exercise physiology education, no certifications, and no training experience stakes a claim on your social media feed as an “expert” who can “help you lose 20 pounds in 2 weeks” using his formula, which is not grounded in evidence.

In fact, this influencer bases his program on a method that worked for him one summer—and now he applies it to everyone.

You know this is not a sound approach. Frustrating though it is, his marketing works. He has 10 times the followers you do, and his platform continues to expand, although it’s based on a flimsy foundation that’s downright dangerous.

What Can You Do?

Upgrade your social media and fitness technology toolbox by attending the following sessions in Las Vegas:

IDEA World

Join your colleagues at IDEA® World Convention in Las Vegas.

Tackle the fake fitness influencer trend directly by leveraging your status as an IDEAfit+ Member. Apply IDEA’s 40 years of research-based education and professional connections-- which include gold standard resources and career support—to set yourself apart. IDEA Health & Fitness Association advocates for YOU, the educated fitness professional, and all your efforts to Inspire the World to Fitness®.

The Instructor-or-Influencer Challenge: Social Media and Fitness Instructors

Exceptional group fitness instructors are influential. But is their influence an outcome of great instruction or its origin? When group fitness pros apply for a job, practical teaching skills and knowledge of exercise and movement top the list of “must-haves,” so what about social media influence? Is it relevant? It’s becoming more commonplace to judge group fitness candidates on their social media presence, but should this be the case?


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