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June 2014

IDEA Pilates TodayJune 2014 IDEA Pilates Today
Two Great Pilates Foot-Training Tools
Help clients restore and maintain toe, foot and ankle mobility with two small, ingenious devices designed by Joseph Pilates.
The Rib-Shoulder Connection
Don't neglect thoracic mobility when working with clients who have shoulder issues.
Anatomy in Action: The Psoas Major
Help clients create a strong, supple, balanced psoas major to prevent low-back and hip pain and to increase overall strength and power.
Expand Your Mind-Body Motivation at the IDEA World Fitness Convention™
Tap into your inner guru and learn how to take your clients and classes to the next level.
A Growing Pilates Practice in Istanbul, Turkey
After becoming hooked on Pilates in the United States, Burcu Ozturk Salargil returned to Istanbul and opened a studio that serves high-end clients.