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My name is Tamara and I'm an award-winning wellness professional with a holistic approach. If you are looking for quality, you have come to the right place. - - - - I provide effective solutions in wellness coaching, fitness training and life coaching fields. Whether you want to change your figure or overhaul your whole lifestyle, here you can find a one-stop solution, thanks to the combination of my qualifications. - - - - I provide highly individualized services for clients who are serious about their well-being. The standards I adhere to, put a limit on the number of clients I can accommodate. My business is mostly advertised by word of mouth and clients' trust is paramount to me. My clients know that they are like family to me. I do not spare time or effort to exceed their expectations. As opposed to many pros, to me this work I do is not just business: it is personal. I hold a Master's degree in a different field, but years ago I quit my job to work in the wellness field even though it pays less, because it gives my life a purpose. - - - - My mission is to help people achieve a better life using various modalities. The services I offer include life / wellness coaching and fitness training. My ambition is to make the process joyful for my clients and get them to look forward to every session. - - - - The clients I work with build a better life, with a mind and a body that are strong, flexible, agile and able to take on challenges as well as enjoy fun activities life has to offer. - - - - Wholesome and mindful lifestyle is literally saving my life (I have overcome PTSD, I have a heart condition, scoliosis and gluten intolerance). I was not always healthy or happy, so I understand the struggle and that's why I am passionate about helping people improve their lives. - - - - My specializations are: Holistic fitness (predominantly body weight exercises), Physical Therapy follow-up, Healthy lifestyle, Nutrition. And here is how my services differ from others: . . . # 1. Expertise. Learning the secrets of creating a wholesome, happy life has been my passion for three decades. I challenge myself to become the best at what I do. A voracious reader, I continuously expand my knowledge base through extensive research in a variety of subjects, like mental/emotional wellness, psychology, longevity, nutrition, medicine, physical therapy and of course the science of movement. I strive to bring to my clients the best of knowledge accumulated and hand-picked over many years of rigorous studies: Years of experience as a Physical Therapy Aide, extensive training and experience in natural fitness, dance and holistic living sets me apart from a typical gym/bootcamp type trainer. Aside from being a certified personal trainer, I am currently working toward my Weight Loss expert certification. Long-standing experience in: group fitness, dance and yoga. I educate myself daily and have a solid understanding of body mechanics and metabolism. My other areas of interest are endocrinology, fasciology and physical therapy. I challenge myself to bring cutting-edge scientific knowledge to my clients, which helps create variety (see below) . . . # 2. Variety I love the creative side of my work where I get to build versatile and interesting workouts that meet my client's unique physical requirements and personal preferences. My belief is that exercise has to bring joy, otherwise it inflicts damage on the person as a whole by creating unnecessary stress. Thanks to my fitness/yoga/dance background and continuous education, I have a rare opportunity to create unique training programs that include (upon request) elements of breakdance, hip hop, belly dance, ballet barre, Yoga, Pilates and signature exercises from various elite training systems. Such variety makes for fun yet challenging sessions. . . . # 3. Mindful, holistic approach As a holistic living expert, I apply a mindful approach, taking in consideration my client as a whole body/mind system. My clients and I establish a warm, trusting relationship and work together as a team to achieve the desired results without putting unnecessary strain. I am opposed to the typical quick fix approach, knowing that in the long run exercise can strengthen and heal, or weaken and destroy health, when used incorrectly. In six years of my practice, there was not a single injury among my clients. On the other hand, I have worked with clients who were injured in the past under a trainer's guidance. Initially I help my client build solid basics, and as my their body grows stronger and more flexible, we *gradually* increase the challenge thus achieving lasting results in a healthy way avoiding unnecessary exhaustion. . . . #4. Natural methods Over the years, I have developed a unique method. I use mostly body-weight exercises and do not like machines, with the exception of some cardio equipment. Human body was not built to move in restrictive environments offered by machines; it develops in a most harmonious way when offered multi-dimensional challenges and full-body exercises. I also do not use heavy weights because of possible detrimental effects on joints and spine. My goal is to help you become healthier for life: not just whip you into shape at all costs while setting you up for future problems. I have an impeccable track record and my clients have never sustained any injuries at our sessions . #5 Connection In all my work I come from a place of deep respect and appreciation of every individual. My inclination is to nurture, but not necessarily treat my client with kid gloves. I find a common language with my clients easily, whether they require gentle encouragement and sweet-talk, or a "tough love" approach. Either way, I am genuinely concerned with my client's well-being, and that's why we often become friends. . #6 Stress reduction and relaxation I am a certified meditation instructor with a 30 yr experience. To those interested, I offer a relaxing/centering meditation with or without visualizations. Meditation has been yielding outstanding results and some of my clients find it helpful and empowering on mental/emotional level. . . . #7 Mobile services . . . And last but not least, my service stands out because I usually drive to my client's preferred location. I serve the cities of Irvine, Tustin, Newport Beach and Corona del Mar. Some of my fitness clients enjoy training in my home studio or at a small private gym in Irvine.

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  • by tracy stanton on Nov 16, 2013

    Thanks for the class, it was a good workout

    Response by TAMARA ERI on Nov 17, 2013

    You're very welcome, Tracy! I'm glad you liked it. Come again, every workout is different :)

  • by tracy stanton on Nov 14, 2013

    Please let me know if you work with children?

    Response by TAMARA ERI on Nov 15, 2013

    Yes, I have had a few family training arrangements where kids joined their mommies.