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Santa Cruz, CA 95060

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Do you use a stability ball when training your clients? If so what are your top five exercises?

20 Answers | Asked by Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali on Jul 29, 2011

Answered by Sarah Artha Negara on Aug 02, 2011

1. Abdominal Curls (w/Spinal Extension) 2. Side Ups 3. Pelvic Press / Bridging 4. Back Extension (w/Spinal Flexion) 5. Push Ups ....I also love doing the "Frog" after the back extensions. Lying prone on the ball, jump back-and-forth landing on the hands and then the feet. It's keeps the heart...

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Any recommendations for Pilates certifications in San Francisco?

11 Answers | Asked by Sandra Possing on Jun 14, 2011

Answered by Sarah Artha Negara on Jul 17, 2011

College of San Mateo Pilates Instructor Certificate Program (PICP) For more info contact:

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