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What is a good alternative to eating pasta?

20 Answers | Asked by Meredith Wyman on Jun 15, 2011

Answered by Cynthia Karube on Jan 31, 2018

Another alternative are "zoodles". Zucchini that has been "noodlized". How to do that? A simple kitchen tool. Available as a hand-held kitchen device (typically hour-glass shaped) or a little machine (with more blade choices )for use on your counter. I find zoodles very satisfying. Its a wonderful...

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how can i get certified in silver sneakers

1 Answer | Asked by Carol Orentlicher on Jan 28, 2018

Answered by Cynthia Karube on Jan 30, 2018

Hey Carol, this is how I just did it. Start here and just follow the Tsteps. Easy to do. Best wishes to you!

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How do I help my clients do push-ups when they complain that it hurts their wrists?

18 Answers | Asked by Susan Fink on Aug 30, 2012

Answered by Cynthia Karube on Aug 30, 2012

Hi Susan, You present a good question because I know as trainers we run into this frequently. In my experience, most of the time it is simply lack of strength and stretch in the wrist and forearms and there's excellent "how-to" advice here in how to address that. Some clients are relieved s...

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Question for Club Owners or Managers with multiple trainers...

12 Answers | Asked by Thea Jorgensen on Aug 14, 2012

Answered by Cynthia Karube on Aug 16, 2012

Hi Thea, Take a look at this: Give it a look, and should you decide to take it further, let them know that Cynthia sent you. I've used this as a trainer, and now am looking at it as a studio owner for the very reasons you describe, plus more. I'm very impressed. Best ...

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how can I become a personal trainer for young kids-would like to start a program

7 Answers | Asked by janet knox on Jul 30, 2012

Answered by Cynthia Karube on Aug 01, 2012

Hi Janet, Glad to hear from a fit minded grandmother. For instant action let me recommend you visit ", a USDA site with lots of free materials you can use right now to educate your kids. There is something for everyb...

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