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San Diego, CA 92104

My running career started as the first Running Therapist taught by Thaddeus Kostrubala MD, author of The Joy of Running. Therapy took place while walking or running. The San Diego Marathon Clinic was founded in 1975 with the idea: If you're in a rat race, you better learn to run. We started with marathons and worked back from there. Over the years, I because fascinated with proper running form and style and all things related to posture and correct movement. I have taught several thousand walkers, runners and marathoners. My practical experience came from the many miles that led to 88 marathons, a 50-K and two 50-milers. It also came from walking and running with many patients and the classes I taught on running. For about 10 years I was active on the user group rec.running as the Keeper of the FAQ. During that time I was there to share my folklore and to have my answers questioned. I was aligned with Pose even before I knew Dr. Romanov while battling the world of heel strike I knew Danny and Katherine Dryer as they were developing ChiRunning & ChiLifestyle. One of my goals is to share as much of the folklore that I can with fellow runners and walkers. Also over the yearsI have learned so much from so many regarding injury prevention. One reason that has made Pose Running start to move the world away heel striking is two words: Pull/Pose. For ChiRunning it is Chi and Flow. The coaches of Pose Method and ChiRunning have added much to visualizations and images to get the concepts of proper running across to runners. It is about locking the experience of proper running into their bodies and their movement. I am pleased to champion the result of Dr. Romanov's lifetime commitment to the Pose Method as he continues to show that it applies to all sports and to all movement. I am pleased to champion Danny Dreyer as he spreads good running and walking injury free through his ChiRunning and ChiWalking programs My mission in 10 words or less: Coaching people to be world class humans and better athletes.

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  • PhD, Psychology, US International University
  • Master's Degree, Rehabilitation Counseling, San Diego State Universicty
  • BA, Liberal Arts-Philosophy, Villanova University

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Newton Natural Running™ - Form Coaching Certification
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Pose Method - m * Pose Method® Certified Running Coach Leve
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Intro to Pose Method & ChiRunning: Running/Walking/Injury Prevention

Within 25.00 miles of 92104 (Mobile Training Radius)

Morley Field

2229 Morley Field Drive
San Diego, CA 92104

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  • The Rockport Company National Walk Leader Award Recipient-1989

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