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Professional Liability Insurance


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Burnalong has partnered with IDEA Health & Fitness Association to provide access to comprehensive Professional Liability Insurance coverage and membership for fitness professionals at an affordable price. Lockton Insurance Inc, underwritten by Lloyd's, is the premier professional liability insurance provider in the industry. Our program provides unmatched coverage and security designed specifically for fitness professionals and small business owners.

Our plans cover in-person, virtual and online video instruction for fitness pros.

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IDEA now provides multiple membership options included in your insurance coverage. You choose the plan that best fits your liability insurance and fitness membership needs.

Basic Insurance

Basic Membership & Coverage

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With you coverage you choose, Basic membership includes:

  • Fitness Journal with Quiz CEC’s
  • Fitness Connect Profile & Directory Search
IDEAfit+ Insurance

IDEAfit+ Membership & Coverage

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Professional Liability Insurance with IDEAfit+ membership includes:

  • Unlimited CEC’s
  • Fitness Journal with Quiz CEC’s
  • Member Perks
  • Client Newsletter
  • Discount on Insurance
  • Fit Tips Newsletter
  • Food & Nutrition Tips
  • Article Library & Digital Publications
  • Event Discounts & Exclusives
  • Share Member Content
  • IDEAfit TV included + Courses with CEC’s
  • Pro Form Bundle
  • FitPost (social media scheduler)
  • Podcasts for Fit Pros
  • IDEA Fit Business Success
  • Workout Builder
  • Fitness Connect Profile & Directory Search
  • Member exclusive Webinars
  • Coaching/Mentorship
  • Contests/Awards
Victor Brick

“IDEA has provided us with excellent insurance coverage for over 12 years.
As we have expanded our operations, they have met all our insurance needs.”

Victor Brick, Co-Founder of Brick Bodies Fitness Services


I have my clients sign liability waivers. Why do I need liability fitness insurance?

Liability fitness insurance protects you if a lawsuit is brought against you for negligent practices. The purpose of a waiver is to warn the client of possible harm. By signing the waiver, clients agree that they understand the potential risk and will take part in the activity anyway. However, the waiver does not keep clients from suing you if they believe you were negligent in your practices and caused them harm.

What does professional liability fitness insurance cover?

Liability fitness insurance protects you if a lawsuit is brought against you for negligent practices. This particular policy provides coverage for professional liability (negligence claims) and general liability (accidents).

If the facility I train at has insurance that covers me, should I still get individual liability fitness insurance?

We recommend you verify your coverage under the facility where you train. However, if you are an independent contractor and/or train your own clients in a studio or facility owned by someone else, then you are most likely NOT covered by the professional liability and general liability policy of the facility.

Do I have to be a certified fitness professional to get insured?

No. Certification is not required to get a quote or purchase a policy.

Do I need to be a full-time instructor to be covered?

No. We provide coverage for full-time (more than 6 hours per week), part-time (less than 5 hours per week) trainers and instructors, and students (work only under the supervision of others).

Does fitness insurance cover me at multiple facilities/locations?

Yes. Your professional liability with general liability fitness insurance policy will follow you regardless of the facility or location you work.

Is my insurance valid outside of the United States?

Yes. This coverage will follow you wherever you go in the world. However, any claims must be filed within the United States, Canada or Puerto Rico.

What is additional insured?

Additional insured status provides fitness insurance coverage to added parties on your professional liability with general liability policy. They enjoy protection from any risk that arises out of the original-named insured's conduct or operations. You can typically add Additional Insureds to your coverage if you are required by contract to do so. To add an Additional Insured, contact us at 844.257.4079 or [email protected].

Does this policy cover me if I get injured?

No. Professional liability fitness insurance provides coverage for claims brought against you. It does not provide coverage for you in the event of an injury to yourself.

Am I covered for online training?

There is no exclusion in this policy for online training or “telehealth”. However, if you are not providing services via a live feed, we recommend having your client(s) sign a waiver or add a disclaimer to your website if you are providing downloadable videos for your client/s to use.

Will I be covered outdoors?

Yes. Your professional liability with general liability policy will follow you regardless of the facility or location you work.

How do I get a certificate of insurance?

You will receive your certificate of insurance by email once you complete the purchase of your policy through the online application. You can also view your policy any time by visiting your My Account here.

What other benefits are included with my policy?

If you do not have a current IDEA Membership, your fitness insurance policy will include a 1-year Basic membership to IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the world’s leading resource for fitness pros. Membership includes: exclusive discounts to top brands, client success tools, research-based professional content and much more!

Can I cancel?

You may cancel your policy by providing written notice to [email protected]. Check the cancellation provisions prior to purchasing coverage or contact us for more information.


Contact us at (800)-999-IDEA (4332) or [email protected]