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Instant Class Ideas

There’s nothing quite like that flow-state feeling when you come up with the perfect workout. The moves interlock like biomechanical magic, transitions seamlessly connect and the playlist pairs with every beat, creating a transcendent exercise experience. Instead of teaching the same old routine with a different playlist, why not use a proven, pre-planned workout? The…

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Follow this fitness entrepreneur’s formula.

Get Your Business Out of Debt in Three Steps

Imagine if the adages that “Everyone carries debt” and “Debt is just part of being in business” slowly faded away. Understanding, managing and resolving your debt are the keys to freeing up your time as a fitness entrepreneur. Time that could be used to build your business, create work/life balance, and chase your dreams, whatever…

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Download IDEA Taste Test eBook

Taste Test ebook

Cooking is a connective, creative journey that also—coincidentally—burns calories, so although you may not be able to outrun a bad diet, you can cook for health and longevity, and this is why we’ve curated this creative collection of recipes from IDEA Fitness Journal. Instead of meatloaf one night, try the Salmon Oat Loaf. If you…

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Body Lab: Stay inspired with fun facts about the human body.

Body Lab ebook

Successful fitness professionals know that education doesn’t end after getting certified—it’s an ongoing journey that unfolds over the course of a career. However, it’s about more than staying current with continuing education credits; learning about the body and its many fascinating functions is fun! Nowhere is it written that anatomy and, say, a deep dive…

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