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Pandemic Playbook: A 2-part guide to reopening and reviving your business.

Download IDEA’s 2-part Pandemic Playbook to reopen your business and to welcome back members and inspire your community.

The fitness industry is as strong as the people we train day in and day out. We’re resilient, and we’re already working on the next stage of our collective evolution toward an even happier, healthier and heartier industry. IDEA’s award-winning editorial team has put together a 2-part “Pandemic Playbook” to reopening your business post pandemic.

Inside IDEA’s 2-part series you’ll find a collection of best practices and ideas focused around:


Pandemic Playbook:
Operation Open

  • Sanitization
  • Digital Marketing
  • Business best-practices
  • Communication
  • Staffing

Pandemic Playbook:
Revive and Reconnect

  • Reopening and cleaning checklist
  • Best practices training outdoors
  • Authentic leadership
  • Reconnect and rev up revenue
  • Tech transformation

and much, much more….

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