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Your Gut Microbiome and Its Connection to Sleep

March 2020 IDEA Fitness Journal Quiz 2: The Link Between Sleep and Gut Health

  •  Season 2, Episode 12

Welcome to the latest episode of the IDEA Listen & Learn CEC Podcast—the fitness industry’s first audible CEC program. In order to claim your CEC you will need to pass a short quiz which is available for purchase in the IDEA store. The quiz comes with the written version of the CEC article on this podcast, so you also can read it and refer back to the research presented. This episode contains information that has been approved for 1 CEC hour by more than 25 approval agencies including ACE, NASM, AFAA, ACSM and NFPT.

Discover the intricate web that ties together food and drink, the gut, and the health benefits of sleep.

The gut microbiome is home to thousands of bacteria. It affects appetite, metabolism, weight management, and whether or not a sound sleep arrives at night. To understand how nutrition, the gut and sleep interact, we need to take a closer look at the purpose and physiology of sleep.

This article was written by Teri Mosey, PhD
Read by Judy Minich – Production Editor – IDEA