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What Does PHITting In Mean?

Featuring Nikki Snow and Rachael Babiracki

  •  Season 3, Episode 18

On this episode of the IDEAfit PRO SHOW, guest host Kia Williams chats with two of our incredible fitness colleagues, Nikki Snow and Rachael Babiracki about what it means to PHIT in, detailing radical and unique self-acceptance in the fitness world. Listeners will also get a glimpse of what they’ll be presenting regarding truly inclusive fitness at the upcoming IDEA World Convention, July 20-24 in Las Vegas.

Nikki Snow is the co-founder of PHIT Society, a community that is changing the narrative of fitness and wellness by creating opportunities, building relationships, and taking action to make fitness and wellness a place where we all Push Hard and Inspire Together. She was the 2020 Oxygen Magazine Trainer for the OC 6 Challenge and is a World of Dance UJAM Trainer and Presenter. As a former international presenter and national trainer for Les Mills International, she traveled to multiple countries to film educational content, present masterclasses, and facilitate instructor courses. She also teaches group fitness classes for Chicago Athletic Clubs.

Rachael Babiracki, who also co-founded PHIT Society, started her professional fitness career as a teenager and has worked in various clubs and facilities in nearly every position offered. She has worked as a trainer, assessor, and presenter for the global group fitness brand Les Mills since 2010 and has served Les Mills US in a leadership position since 2015. She has traveled the world delivering education and facilitating courses with fitness professionals and fitness fans.

Stay connected with Nikki 

  • LI:@Nikki Snow
  • FB: Nikki Snow, PHIT Society
  • IG: @phitsociety, @nikkisnow921
  • Website: phitsociety.com  

Stay Connected with Rachael

  • LI: @Rachael Babiracki
  • FB: Rachael Christensen Babiracki, PHIT Society
  • IG: @rachaelbabs
  • Website: phitsociety.com 

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