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Testosterone Therapy, Organic Food Fraud and the Great Egg Debate

July 2021 IDEA Fitness Journal Quiz 1: Health and Fitness News, and Food and Nutrition News

  •  Season 2, Episode 3

Welcome to the latest episode of the IDEA Listen & Learn CEC Podcast—the fitness industry’s first audible CEC program. In order to claim your CEC you will need to pass a short quiz which is available for purchase in the IDEA store. The quiz comes with the written version of the CEC articles on this podcast, so you also can read them and refer back to the research presented.

This episode contains information that has been approved for 1 CEC hour by more than 25 approval agencies including ACE, NASM, AFAA, ACSM, NSCA and NFPT. It contains 21 short articles—9 from our Headlines news section and 12 from our Food for Thought news section, as published in the July 2021 edition of Fitness Journal. This collection of evidence-based news stories will bring you up to date on fitness trends, exercise research and the dynamic fields of diet, food, nutrition and behavior change science.

CEC articles included:

  • Resistance Band Training for Older Women
  • Testosterone Therapy More Effective with Exercise
  • Battle Rope HIIT Workouts Improve Fitness
  • Best Time for Swimming Performance
  • Stretching for Hypertension Improvements
  • Colorectal Cancer and Diet
  • Vegetarian and Vegan Diets High in Ultraprocessed Foods
  • Time to Reduce Our Food’s Carbon Footprint?
  • Plant Protein for Muscle Growth
  • Fruit and Vegetable Consumption Down

Read by Joy Keller – Executive Editor, IDEA Publications