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Business of Fitness Writing

Learn more about the business of fitness writing.

  •  Season 1, Episode 10

For some people, teaching a few classes as an instructor or training a couple of clients per week is a perfect side hustle. But what if you’re a full-time fitness professional? Is there a good side hustle that will bring in a few extra dollars? Yes! Writing, specifically about fitness and exercise, is a great opportunity for full-time fitness professionals.

Amanda Vogel, MA, is a well-known writer who has been featured in Oxygen, ACE Certified News and Fitness Journal, among many other publications. On this episode of Empowered Entrepreneur, Amanda shares how she got started in fitness writing, how to pitch your work to an editor, and her favorite pieces to write. This episode will help you understand the business of fitness writing, so you can determine if it’s something you want to add to your already-crazy schedule.