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Being an Entrepreneur Without Starting a Business

You don't have to start your own business to be an entrepreneur.

  •  Season 1, Episode 6

Doris Thews, Vice-President of Group Fitness, Team Training and Innovation for Vasa Fitness. The term “entrepreneur” is often used to describe an individual who creates a business from nothing. Entrepreneurs are willing to work 80 hours a week on something they enjoy, like starting a business, as opposed to simply showing up to a job and punching a clock. But did you know that you do not have to start your own business to be an entrepreneur? If you work as an instructor or trainer, yes, you may be an employee at a facility, but you still have to function as an entrepreneur. You may work for an organization, but you still act like an entrepreneur in order to build a following of clients and/or class groupies. The bottom line is that every single one of us functions as an entrepreneur because we are each responsible for promoting our services. On this episode of the Empowered Entrepreneur, Doris Thews, the vice-president of group fitness, team training and innovation for Vasa Fitness, a chain of health clubs, talks about how her ability to function as an “organization entrepreneur” evolved her career from working at the front desk to teaching group fitness to traveling the world as a master trainer, and now leading the programming and innovation for an exciting new chain of high-value health clubs. If you want a few ideas about what you can do to take more of a leadership role in your organization, or if you are looking for a new way to grow your career, you will get a lot out of this conversation