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Becoming a Master Trainer

How does being a Master Trainer help your business?

  •  Season 1, Episode 4

“Master trainer” is a designation given to fitness professionals who educate their peers. Master trainers may lead a day-long workshop on how to use a specific piece of equipment; teach a multi-day certification program; or teach conference sessions on how to apply the latest research to clients’ exercise programs.

One benefit of becoming a master trainer is that it can help you establish immediate credibility with clients and participants. This episode of the Empowered Entrepreneur podcast features conversations with three different master trainers and fitness studio owners to gain insights into why they became educators, the process of becoming a master trainer, and how being a fitness industry educator complements business.

Michael Piercy is the 2017 IDEA Personal Trainer of the Year and a Master Trainer for TRX and Matrix, in addition to owning The Lab, a studio in Northern New Jersey. Rick Richey and Aaron Drogoszewski are both master trainers for NASM, as well as co-owners of ReCOVER, the first fitness studio in New York City that focuses on recovery strategies. Aaron and Rick are also co-hosts of the Omnia Fitness podcast.

This episode of the Empowered Entrepreneur can help you determine whether or not it’s worth investing the time and effort into becoming a master trainer. Could this be the next step in your fitness career?