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Friends of Peter Twist receive a discount to the IDEA World Convention or the IDEA World Club & Studio Summit on July 8–12, 2020 in Anaheim, CA.

Get 10% off a full or 1-day registration with code TWIST20 at checkout.

You won't want to miss these Peter Twist sessions, plus over 330 more:


Round Glutes, Ripped Abs, Strong Core—The Training Secrets of Sprinters and Skaters

Session 437 • Friday, July 10 • 9:40–11:30am

Peter Twist, MSc

Not all glute and ab exercises are created equal. We’ll work out together from the start to the finish of this workshop—learning by doing—training our glutes to be big, round and strong; our abs to be powerful and pronounced; and our torsos lean, sleek and toned. You’ll learn exactly what high-performance athletes do to build strong, fit, powerful and functional bodies.


Coaching Conditioning for Muscle-Building Fat Loss

Session 677 • Saturday, July 11 • 2:30–4:20pm

Peter Twist, MSc

The primary goals of most new or prospective clients are to lose fat and change their body shape by adding muscle. Come experience a conditioning workout that mixes maximum fat burn with effective functional training, while loading the body in the right ways to build muscle. We’ll fine-tune the mechanics and ROM that exponentially increases muscle development, physical function and fat loss.

Plus, don't miss this exclusive preconference session:

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$189 $209

111 Powerful Me! The Strategies, Mindset and Actions of the Most Successful


Wednesday, July 8, 1:00–5:00pm

Peter Twist, MSc

How do the world's consistently top-performing people approach each day to stay in forward motion? What is the game plan to become a top leader, grow in your career, create opportunity and build a business? In this inspiring and motivating session, Peter will share his tips and takeaways to become more resilient, show up as your best self, and grow to new heights of success. Through his own personal journey, rising up from the devastation of stage 4 cancer, Peter has learned exactly what it takes to navigate difficulty, rise up and discover new levels of success. He'll cover the following topics so you can be your best in business and in life:

  • KEYS to winning comebacks from serious setbacks
  • RESILIENCY strategies to overcome adversity
  • How champions translate survive into THRIVE
  • MINDSET MASTERY to always show up as your BEST SELF
  • Becoming a LEADER OF ONE so you can best lead others
  • The daily GAME PLAN of the most productive high performers
  • Creating a happy HEALTHY LIFE parallel to striving for achievements
  • REFLECT AND DEFINE to make sure you are aiming at the right target

Up to 8 CECs. Exact CECs from individual agencies are pending.