Positive thinking spills over into every aspect of life. While you teach your clientele the benefits of the bright side, take some time to think about how you apply it in your own life. In the March/April issue of WebMD the Magazine, actress Geena Davis talks about how, at 43 years old, she became a semifinalist for the U.S. Olympic women’s archery team and discovered the mind-body connection. “Somebody said that all sports are 90% mental,” she says. “I had never stopped to think what my inner monologue was. My archery coach used to ask, ‘What were you thinking just when you shot that arrow?’ and I realized I had been saying any number of things that were negative. Because I became aware of this as it related to archery, I became aware of it as it related to other parts of my life“it’s a small, practical thing you can do in a very moment to moment way. Mindfulness applies to everything.” -Namasté