Welcome to your first issue of IDEA Pilates Today!

We are excited to launch this e-newsletter specifically for the Pilates community. Like other industries, Pilates has many different interest groups and factions. It is our quest to help grow Pilates and create a vehicle that will unite all parties.

IDEA Pilates Today is produced and written from an unbiased point of view and serves as a platform for professional discussion from multiple viewpoints. We have gathered 11 advisers from throughout the Pilates world to inject their unique voices and perspectives so that we may provide diverse and balanced reporting. We feel honored that these leaders and pioneers have joined us in our commitment to top-shelf education and service to the Pilates industry.

Pilates is not a new topic to grace the pages of IDEA Health & Fitness Association’s publications. We have been reporting on Pilates and providing education in this discipline through our fitness conferences for more than a decade. Pilates consistently ranks high in our Fitness Programs & Equipment Trends Reports, and we think that it is time for Pilates to have its own voice among our award-winning publications.

IDEA Pilates Today will deliver highly relevant content to your in-box 5 times per year. Here’s an overview of what you can expect in this ground-breaking e-newsletter:

  • articles that help you design programs for special populations
  • advice on Pilates studio–specific business matters
  • help with equipment maintenance and programming ideas
  • information on teaching skills and advanced cuing techniques
  • interviews with Pilates experts from all lineages and backgrounds
  • intriguing case studies from the field
  • timely industry news that will keep your expertise current

We are thrilled to have a role in uniting the Pilates industry with a truly objective publication for Pilates professionals. Please join us in keeping standards high and building a strong community so that we may grow together and bring Pilates to a wide range of people globally.

In good health,

Kathie and Peter Davis