Childhood obesity is epidemic. Fortunately, prevention efforts are yielding some success, as reports indicate that rates may have leveled. This could be thanks in part to companies that use nontraditional tactics to tackle the issue. One such company, WayBeyond, is dedicated to bringing play back into fitness. “WayBeyond was designed with the idea that kids will play without knowing they’re exercising,” states Brian Blacher, vice president of program development. “Kids today don’t play, which is why we have so many issues today. WayBeyond is based on fun, with the hidden agenda of exercise.” WayBeyond’s brightly colored landscape offers seven stations, from “Jumping Jellyfish” to “Pirate Galleon,” each with various levels of challenge. The facility helps kids develop greater strength, coordination, cardiovascular fitness and more. WayBeyond also offers nutrition guidance and summer camps. The company recently opened its first facility in San Diego. To learn more about WayBeyond, visit