Are you a new entry into the fitness industry, or do you mentor those who are? From IDEA Answers (www.idea come these top tips from seasoned veterans on how to build the foundation for a successful and lasting career.

  • Emphasize the importance of learning and understanding the science of exercise. Specifically, how
    a healthy body responds to exercise.

    Joanne Duncan-Carnesciali
  • Realize that you are running a business, and make yourself knowledgeable in this area. I have seen
    too many trainers who wanted to follow their heart but ended up in a financial quagmire because they underestimated the importance of being a businessperson.

    Karin Singleton
  • Understand that it’s impossible to know everything, and so be kind to yourself. Allow yourself the luxury of admitting to yourself and a client that you don’t know something, but be ready and willing to find out. No one is an expert on everything.

    LaRue Cook
  • Embrace ethics, education and self-confidence in your quest to succeed.
    Michelle Gillis-Saltzman