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The Joy of Movement Rings True

There's nothing like post–knee surgery downtime to catch up on my IDEA Fitness Journal reading. The February 2017 issue is just chock‐a‐block full of delectable goodness. In particular, I enjoyed Ryan Halvorson's article "Embracing the Joy of Movement" and Kelly McGonigal's "Ready to Love Your Stress?" Even after 38 years as a fitness pro, I learn something every issue to help me improve as a group fitness leader and baby boomer specialist. Both articles made their points logically, succinctly and persuasively. I finished reading them thinking their points are so obvious, except they weren't until the authors put it all together.

I can't wait to recover and get back to my classes so I can put Ryan's and Kelly's ideas into action. It's time to emphasize more fun and to welcome the stress!
     Kymberly Williams‐Evans, MA
     Group Fitness Leader
     Santa Barbara, California

Thank you very much for the article "Embracing the Joy of Movement," by Ryan Halvorson [February 2017]. It was very inspiring, and it touched on an essential key to any movement practice: joy. It gives Nia practitioners like myself confirmation that we have stayed on the right path; the one that Debbie Rosas started paving in the early 1980s when she created the Nia technique with Carlos Rosas.

I was lucky to discover Nia in 1997 in Sweden, after a college friend of mine experienced it at an IDEA conference in 1996. Since then I have progressed in this joy‐based practice. I was an Olympic athlete in swimming (Los Angeles 1984), and Nia has changed the way I look at training and keeping fit. Now at age 50, I feel better than ever.

     Ann Christiansen
     Nia Black Belt Instructor
     Hamburg, Germany

I enjoyed reading "Embracing the Joy of Movement." The author quoted several people who had valuable insight into the task of getting sedentary people active. It is indeed a multifaceted issue that we as fitness professionals face. It seems as though we only see those who are willing to give exercise a shot. No doubt there are many more who cannot see themselves living an active life.

I think the key is to [approach] the sedentary population with the intention to help them realize exercise doesn't have to be painful drudgery.

Thanks for your insight and great article.
     Melissa Wogahn, MA
     Wellcoaches® Certified Health and Wellness Coach
     Carlsbad, California

I think you're on to something in "Embracing the Joy of Movement."

I wrote a blog post on our evolutionary history and natural instinct to avoid exercise. Toni Yancey, public health physician at UCLA, coined the 10‐minute
recess idea and talked about making exercise the easy choice. Unfortunately, Toni is no longer with us. However, she used to ruminate about how, after all kinds of programs and approaches we've tried over the past 30 years, we've hardly "moved the needle." Over 70% of us didn't exercise enough back in the 1970s, and that has not changed much.

My thinking on this has changed. Exercise has to be structured into most people's lives so that it is unavoidable. This will take much more dramatic and intrusive interventions than have been tried before.

Thanks for the article and for keeping the public health issues related to exercise front and center.
     Pete Francis, PhD
     Owner, www.bobobrain.com

     Tucson, Arizona

Putting Answers Into Action

I am writing in response to your question of the month in the February issue of IDEA Fitness Journal: "What are your top ideas for shining some extra light on clients' nutrition challenges during National Nutrition Month?"

I thought you would be interested in the unique perspective I offer residents here at the Oklahoma Methodist Manor retirement community. I have been in the fitness industry for a long time and have helped numerous people lose weight effectively and keep it off—including my own 180‐pound weight loss. I currently teach our residents, many of whom are high‐functioning and very active, the virtues of healthy living.

There aren't [enough] fitness professionals who specialize in training older adults, or who emphasize senior weight management. This is a very lucrative and rewarding opportunity for those who recognize the potential.
     Joe Carson

     Wellness Coordinator, Spann Wellness Center
     Tulsa, Oklahoma

I am writing in response to your question of the month in the March issue of IDEA Fitness Journal: "How important do you believe it is for the U.S. president or other world leaders to model healthy eating behaviors?" Yes, political leaders should model healthy eating behaviors. Not only should they do this instead of allocating money to the companies that benefit from unhealthy eating patterns, but more money should be allocated
to education.

Also, where are the [television] commercials for blueberries? Fruits and vegetables? Plant‐based foods? There are certainly many commercials for pharmaceuticals. All the real information is crowded out by big business profits [which don't consider] the welfare of the elderly, the young and everyone in between.

More money should be allocated to social programs and the accessibility of healthy foods for all.

You are what you do.
     Dorothy Disrud
     ACE‐Certified Personal Trainer and Health Coach
     Delavan, Wisconsin

Fun Facts About Anatomy!

Thank you for publishing "A Minor Issue?" [February 2017]. It was great! IDEA Body Lab is an excellent addition. I also enjoyed reading the article on running injuries. I keep waiting for a mention of Dudley J. Morton's foot configuration, which could cause pain in the lower back, thigh, knee, leg or foot. IDEA Body Lab might be a good place to discuss this bone structure.
     Louise Trickel, CMTPT
     Manitowoc, Wisconsin

Praise for IDEA® Personal Trainer Institute East

On behalf of myself and the Gray Institute®, I want to thank you for letting us play a small role at IDEA Personal Trainer Institute East!

There is so much work that goes into the event, and you and your team go above and beyond to not only make it happen but make it happen so warmly and professionally. Please know that this is being noticed and needs to be acknowledged.

Furthermore, IDEA has a tremendous knack for attracting great, successful and driven trainers to the event. I thoroughly enjoyed sharing during my three sessions and consider it a privilege to be involved.

Huge kudos to you and your team. Thank you for everything.
     Doug Gray
     GIFT Director & Faculty, Gray Institute
     Adrian, Michigan


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