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The Importance of Your Location

Your business's location can be a major factor in your success.

Whether you are an owner of a brick and mortar fitness space or an independent fitness professional, your business’s location can be a major factor in your success. According to a study conducted by New York based marketing firm distillery, using the data from cell phone location tracking logs, the average gym-goer has a short 4 mile drive to their gym. The distance will vary by style of facility but the longest distance reported in the study was only 6 miles.

So what does that mean for fitness professionals?


Quite often having a great location comes at a premium and by premium we mean expensive. Owning your own gym or fitness studio can be extremely rewarding but it can also be overwhelming. Keeping the lights on and the doors open becomes the number one priority when it should be all about taking amazing care of everyone that walks in those doors.

So you have launched your dream business in the best possible location, how can you bring in additional income without exhausting more of your own personal energy or finances?

Fit Pros

The location issue that owners experience can be similar for independent fitness professionals. They must find spaces that fit the needs of their client base, in a way that makes financial sense, and without compromising on location. Many trainers choose the boot camp format, opting for free outdoor spaces such as local parks, a beach or a backyard. Aside from the absence of necessary training equipment, the biggest obstacle with this format is weather! The unpredictability of weather leaves too much room for clients to cancel or not show up.

So the challenge for independent health and wellness professional becomes: how do you run a successful and financially abundant business without draining your resources or compromising on location?

GOFYNDER is the Solution

GOFYNDER is an online marketplace where independent health and fitness professionals can rent great spaces by the hour to host classes and train their clients. Think of it like an Airbnb for the fitness industry. With GOFYNDER, gym and studio owners can increase their business’s income by renting out their space during down time. While fitness professionals can utilize the GOFYNDER marketplace to find and book spaces to grow their business.

Free for all to register, GOFYNDER meets the needs of both the space owners and the fit pros so that everyone can be successful. The beauty for space owners is the ability to control all bookings. Creating a listing is free, you set your own price and you approve all bookings.

Take control of your fitness business, choose your training locations well, and Make It Happen!

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