Want to start your dream career in the health and fitness industry from the comfort of your own home? The world needs health and wellness professionals now more than ever, and you can be one of those experts offering guidance during a time of uncertainty.

Join ISSA for our free webinar. You’ll find out not only how to become a Certified Personal Trainer but also how you can develop the perfect health and fitness plans for your clients based on their DNA—all completely online—by becoming a certified DNA-Based Fitness Coach. In a world that’s looking for answers, don’t let a client’s health and wellness program be one of the many uncertainties. Learn how becoming a DNA-Based Fitness Coach can help you create custom-tailored health and fitness programs for your clients based on their DNA results, even in a virtual setting.

How does DNA help you create the perfect health and fitness program? Humans differ in only 0.5% of their genes. But that little difference determines whether you are 6′6″ or 5′6″, for example, or whether you’ll be a short-distance sprinter or a long-distance marathoner.  Understanding genetic makeup is crucial when trying to figure out someone’s natural predisposition versus his or her personal preference. With this inherent foundation for physical disposition, people often blame genetics for the state of their health and fitness. That excuse can make it difficult for trainers and nutritionists to discern whether it’s a lack of client dedication or something deeper that is affecting client progress.

This is exactly why ISSA has created the new DNA-Based Fitness Coach certification. And in ISSA’s webinar, “DNA Based Fitness Coach,” you can learn all about how this groundbreaking certification helps health and fitness pros finally master how clients respond to programs through DNA analysis. Genetics testing in the fitness profession is the final piece of information needed to design programs so precise that client failure isn’t an option.

With ISSA’s groundbreaking new DNA-Based Fitness Coach certification, health and fitness professionals can test their clients’ DNA and identify what’s truly going on. Whether it’s too much cardio, not enough cardio, a need for more strength-focused workouts or simply a lack of personal motivation to exercise, trainers and clients will have the answers they’ve been looking for to create real and long-lasting results.

Gyms are currently closed, but that doesn’t mean people aren’t looking for health and fitness solutions to reduce their at-home woes. Plus, gyms will soon be open again and flooded with clients looking to get back into shape after missing their regular routines. DNA-Based Fitness Coaches can get ahead of the game by becoming certified in a one-of-a-kind specialty that helps people find a deeper answer to their health and fitness questions.

Find out how you can become the expert in providing clients with a customized training experience—at home now, or in the gym later. Be the answer to people’s fitness needs and reserve your spot in our free webinar today!