In an article in the December 23, 2002, issue of the Los Angeles Times, Martin Miller reported that tens of thousands of Americans over 50 participate in organized team sports. He also stated that, considering that almost 21 million baby boomers are expected to turn 50 over the next 5 years, the number of such leagues may grow considerably. Apparently, these old-timers are not only responding to the growing emphasis on the benefits of exercise and taking advantage of advancements in medicine but also yearning to create a sense of community and re-create some of the fondest memories of their youth.

This trend offers you a prime opportunity to expand your personal training business. Miller even wrote, “To reduce the likelihood and severity of injury, prospective [senior] athletes are urged to begin a conditioning and stretching program at least a month before playing.” Ask your older clients whether or not they’ve considered joining a sport league. You may already have older clients who train with you to improve their general fitness, but you can also offer them training specific to sports that they may want to take up again.

Furthermore, don’t limit yourself to your current client base. Contact senior sports leagues in your community and ask to speak about sport-specific training with their members or post a notice offering your services.