Sue D’Alonzo, owner of SueDIT Workout and co-owner of Pinole Valley Boot Camp, believes that she owes much of her success in the fitness industry to the people she works with. “I have been training some of my clients for over 20 years,” she said. “They are all so dedicated, and I feel honored to have such a great business because of them.”

Based in Northern California, Sue spends a lot of time outdoors both in her businesses and on her own. Sue values this because it allows her to make her classes unique. “I use the outdoor space wisely and creatively,” Sue said. She tries to use as little equipment as possible but when she does use equipment she likes medicine balls and Slastix® resistance tubes. On her own time, Sue loves to hike or do high-intensity interval training.

Along with her businesses, Sue strives to help her community be active and healthy. She spends time at the local middle school teaching students and their families about the importance of exercising and eating well. She also participates in breast cancer walks and hosts an annual food drive for those in need. Sue believes that if she helps out in the community this will inspire her clients to do so, as well.