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Functional Aging/Older Adults

Seniors trained for travel.

Fit to Travel: Exercises for Seniors

Programming exercises for seniors is more important than ever, especially now that travel is opening up again, but your clients may not have kept up with their workouts over this last year. Here are some great ways to prepare your active agers for more adventure. 

Personal trainer Tim Minnick and client Rocky E

Aging Into Fitness

Rocky E. had never set foot inside a gym, but at age 60, he was ready to try something new and reached out to personal trainer Tim Minnick.

Exercise for age related decline

Solutions for Age-Related Decline

Slowing typically begins after age 62 with a decrease in walking speed. The good news is that the right kind of exercise can help slow these declines.

Exercise and Longevity for Women

Exercise and Longevity for Women

A new study further supports the benefits of maintaining cardiovascular fitness during middle-age and beyond. In a study presented at the European Society of Cardiology’s EuroEcho 2019 meeting in Vienna, high cardiovascular fitness was linked with significantly lower death risks from heart disease, cancer and other causes for middle-aged and older women.

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