Chi-Cycle is “cranking” at Maryland SportFIT clubs. Developed by IDEA member Rosemary Lindle, PhD, Chi-Cycle uses techniques from tai chi, yoga and Pilates to enhance mental focus, body alignment, breathing techniques and core stability. The music is an eclectic blend of new age, world, jazz and instrumental styles. The class attracts a diverse group of participants and has fostered cross-
promotion at facilities. “The mind-body participants have totally embraced this approach to cycling and cardiovascular training, while the cycling enthusiasts have discovered the value and benefits of yoga, Pilates and tai chi. It’s a win-win situation,” says Lindle.

Tae Bo® AMPED is the next-generation class from Billy Blanks that combines short, intense cardio bursts with Tae Bo moves. The workout uses a 3-pound piece of equipment, called an “Amplifier,” to help with strength training.

YOGAFLEXX blends yoga poses with strength training exercises to “create balance, a calm mind and a rejuvenated spirit.” This class, created by Amy Cheryl, utilizes a training philosophy called FLEXXATION®, which stresses activating a muscle prior to movement. The program teaches participants to focus on isometric, isotonic and co-contraction of targeted muscles.

Equinox members in New York City try 639 Kick for a change of pace. “There are 639 muscles in the body and this class will hit them all,” reads the Equinox
website. During the first half of class, participants utilize “traditional and nontraditional methods that target all the major muscle groups.” The second half of class is spent on cardio kickboxing moves.

The group fitness department at Virginia Commonwealth University offers Kukuwa Dance Workout to students. The class combines Latin, African and Caribbean dance moves. According to the description on the university’s website, participants “lift off on an exotic African expedition, glide through the plains
of Latin America, and cruise to the Caribbean Islands.” The dance choreography is for all fitness levels, is “low impact/high energy,” and is “designed to target the cardiovascular system, improve your fitness level and pump fun through your veins.”

Evanston Athletic Club in Evanston, Illinois, features Flyte Time on its schedule. This high-intensity jump rope and core conditioning class combines boxer-inspired jump roping techniques with martial arts–inspired core conditioning exercises.