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Social Media Power

I read Lance Breger’s article “Social Circles: Marketing Your Department” (using social media) in IDEA Fitness Manager [July–August 2010] and loved it! Having written social media–related articles myself, I completely enjoy when another fitness professional provides his/her fresh perspective. This article adds to the body of knowledge that already exists about social media marketing, but also takes it to the next level by providing practical applications that are both innovative and “doable” for all fitness pros. The “20 ideas” in the sidebar were absolutely fantastic!

Biray Alsac, MS
Fitness Technologist
St. Petersburg, Florida

Resistance Training for Diabetic Clients

I want to comment on the article “Resistance Training for Clients With Diabetes,” by Len Kravitz, PhD, in IDEA Fitness Journal [Research, June 2010]. Since January 2007, I have taught an exercise class for older adults that consists of twice-weekly resistance training in a group setting. The program is named DIP the Scale (DIP is short for Diabetes Intervention Prevention Program) and is offered at the Elsie Stuhr Center, a senior center in Beaverton, Oregon. Some of the participants currently in the program have been participating since [the start]. We do pre- and post-testing that includes documenting every laboratory blood test of the participants.

We have seen dramatic changes in [HbA1c (glycosylated hemoglobin, a form of hemoglobin used to identify the average blood glucose concentration over a prolonged period of several months)] and functional fitness (senior fitness test). Pretesting includes body weight, BMI, waist and hip circumference, blood pressure and heart rate, and body composition assessment using an Omron® bioelectrical impedance device. We request all participants’ latest blood tests, and we ask that they bring us a copy of every laboratory blood test for cholesterol and A1c. In addition to A1c and functional fitness, lipid profiles have improved; we have seen bone mineral improvements [over time] as well.

It is not uncommon that A1c [levels decrease] from 8.4 to 7.6. Since we work with primarily older adults and adults with chronic medical conditions and disabilities, the improvements in functional fitness are often 30%–60%.

Jacqueline Sinke
Health & Fitness Specialist, Fitness
& Function LLC
Portland, Oregon

Exercise: Vanity or Self-Protection?

This letter is in response to the article “New Rules for Weight Management and Women” in IDEA Fitness Journal [Making News, July–August 2010]. A recent article in Johns Hopkins Health Alerts connects number of fat cells and size of fat cells to increased risk for cardiovascular disease, certain cancers, high blood pressure, vessel and tissue damage and liver disease. Consuming more calories than our bodies need is, in fact, an unhealthy practice. Excess calories are stored as fat. While we used to believe that fat cells were inactive, today we know that they secrete substances such as leptin, interleukin-6, tumor necrosis factor alpha, angiotensinogen, adiponectin and resistin. When [a person is] overweight and has many and/or larger fat cells, that person’s fat-cell secretion is higher than normal and causes bodily harm.

While ACSM’s general aerobic exercise guidelines recommend 20–30 minutes [of exercise] a minimum of 5 days per week, this is increased to up to 60 minutes for overweight [individuals]. This recommendation is not about vanity but about protection against increasing fat storage and greater risk for morbidity from the diseases associated with higher fat deposits.

Danielle Vindez
Redondo Beach, California

Code of Ethics Update

In regard to “IDEA’s Code of Ethics” in IDEA Fitness Journal [July–August 2010], please pay particular attention where it mentions discrimination issues: “Do not discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, age, physical handicap or nationality.” [I have spoken] with several fitness professionals, health club members and personal training clients, and we are concerned with the obvious omission of “sexual orientation” to this list; [we] wonder if it was intentional? The need to include this [phrase] is obvious to those of us who have witnessed firsthand this type of discrimination. We hope that IDEA will change the code to protect all people from discrimination. True health and wellness have no place for discrimination based on personal prejudice, racism or homophobia.

Dan Hogan
New York City, New York

Editor’s Note: IDEA’s Codes of Ethics have recently been updated to reflect this.

[IDEA] World Viewpoints

I am so thrilled to write this letter of congratulations. I am an on-again, off-again attendee of IDEA conventions. Since my husband’s career with UNICEF keeps us overseas, I attend when I can, and this time 2 years have slipped by. I currently reside in Cambodia, where I run an official Spinning® Studio; I had no hesitation inviting a friend who lives in China and teaches Pilates to attend [the 2010 IDEA World Fitness Convention™], fully confident that IDEA would not disappoint.

From a participant’s point of view, every angle is covered [at IDEA events]: you are organized and well-equipped; provide top-notch instructors and technical support with no lame excuses; and have cheerful volunteer staff . . . do I need to go on?

It’s not that I’m better off for attending; those who benefit are my clients—who work to remove land mines, rescue girls from the sex-trade industry, vaccinate babies and make sure there is clean water.

With deepest appreciation and eternal gratitude for the opportunity to stretch my services beyond the American border and continue to serve my awesome clients and the fitness industry with integrity,

Cori Parks
ACE Certified Professional

Thank you so much for giving me the opportunity to present “Up on Stage!” this year at IDEA World Fitness. I had an incredible time and an amazing experience. Congratulations to IDEA for bringing inspiration to many all over the World. I know that you touched a lot of hearts [at the convention].

Ilyse Baker
Tarzana, California

The sessions I attended during the 2010 IDEA World Fitness Convention were full of new information, and the presenters were wonderful. They knew their subjects, taught them well and—as in Len Kravitz’s workshops—had a wonderful sense of humor. Len remains my mentor. I am in the fitness industry because he taught me not only the information we had to know to pass the IDEA Foundation exam in 1987 but also to know each one of our [students] by name and to have empathy for them. Thanks to IDEA, we have these times together to reconnect, reenergize and learn what is new in the industry. I am proud to be a member, and I am looking forward to 2011.

Mary Ann Smith
Wellness Director, Almaden
Valley Athletic Club
San Jose, California

Muscles and Movement

Thanks for publishing Justin Price’s muscle movement article, “Understanding Muscles & Movement: From Theory to Practice,” in IDEA Fitness Journal [September 2010]! It was super accessible and perfect for [my clients]. I train about 1,000 people a year in my programs, and this subject is just about all I think about. Kudos and thanks.

Laura Cisneros
Founder/Lead Trainer, Urban Animal
Austin, Texas

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