In today’s time-strapped society, typical hourlong exercise bouts can be prohibitive to many potential exercisers. Schedule-conscious individuals interested in improving fitness levels with minimal time investment may have a solution. According to manufacturers of the ROM (range-of-motion) machine, 4 minutes is all that’s necessary to get into better shape. The 677-pound machine is equipped with an 85-pound flywheel that automatically adjusts resistance to the individual’s strength (cardiovascular and muscular) level. “Through clever engineering, the ROM machine enables even totally out-of-shape people and seniors to get significant aerobic benefits from a 4-minute workout, because the ROM engages 44% of all your muscle cells in work performance,” states information on the website. The manufacturer also suggests that a person weighing 180 pounds can burn 465 calories during the 4-minute workout. The machine retails for $14,615. For more information, visit