You’ve got your office space set up in the spare bedroom (or closet!) and your home-based business is officially a go. The large details are accounted for, but what about those small, nagging office-supply needs? Online retailers offer cost savings that your local shop can’t match. suggests the following vendors the next time you need a printer, a computer or just a few pads of paper:

  • provides most of the supplies a growing business needs, all in one place. Home delivery is available in most areas.
  • lists the top suppliers in the most popular office-supply categories, from binders to paper shredders.
  • offers printers, monitors, computers and more, at competitive prices.
  • has a variety of ink refills for inkjet and laser printers. Go ahead and stock up—you don’t want to get stuck without a refill when you have to print up an invoice for a client!
  • offers a full line of furniture, equipment, office products and more. They also give a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • is a place to purchase just about everything you can think of for your business—and some things you can’t! Type in the keyword for what you need, and see what pops up.