Yoga instructor Kimberlee Jensen is making headlines nationwide for creating punk rock yoga. The Seattle resident told the Associated Press (AP) that she started a punk rock yoga class in 2003 to satisfy the community outreach requirement of her yoga teacher training program. She has kept it going because of its popularity.

Jensen offers the weekly punk rock yoga class for free at an all-ages nightclub. Her target market is teenagers and adults who wouldn’t be caught dead in a health club. Punck rock yoga classes are accompanied by live music played by the house band. The format is a flowing vinyasa style of hatha yoga, taught in a circle around a dish of votive candles.

Erik Englund, 28, who has been a regular in Jensen’s punk rock yoga classes for about a year, told the AP that the nightclub setting intrigued him, and the health benefits and relaxed atmosphere kept him coming back. “This felt very unpretentious,” he commented. His wife, Amy Wyland, 27, told the AP that she likes the way she feels after a session. “I feel really relaxed, and I’m getting stronger.”

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